Mp3 Dinle
Photo by Doreen Wynja

I recieved a Ph.D. from UC Davis in an interdisciplinary program that blended biology and the social sciences.  I conducted research in Tanzania, East Africa to investigate how culture influences cooperation.  I also have conducted numerous experiments in the area of behavioral economics to understand altruism, fairness, and cooperation.  My teaching experience was diverse: criminology, social psychology, statistics, anthropology, and conflict studies.

I have recently completed a M.S. in Health Informatics from UC Davis.  This field is the intersection of the sciences of health/medicine, computers, and human behavior.   I am excited about how to use data, information and knowledge to improve medical decision making.  

After a diverse and interesting career, I have become a specialist in healthcare outcomes research and informatics.  My focus includes healthcare performance measurement, data/text mining, and business intelligence systems.  

Brian Paciotti